In miniatures we are great!

In Kleinlampen sind wir groß!


When Thomas Alva Edison presented the first incandescent lamp to the public in 1879 he was for sure not aware of the significance this technical development would have for the future.

It has been a long way from the first short-lived lamps to the innovative lamp products of the present days – modern lamps not only have longer lifetime and higher luminosity, but also miniaturization proceeded enormously.

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MGG is currently producing more than 5.000 different types of lamps ranging from 1 – 120 volts in sizes from T-¾ ...
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MGG was founded in 1963. At that time, most of the miniature lamps were still manufactured by experienced glass blowers.
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Besides the catalogue lamp types, MGG is meanwhile developing and producing mainly special lamps according to our customers’ specifications.
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