In miniatures we are great!

In Kleinlampen sind wir groß!


MGG is currently producing more than 5.000 different types of lamps ranging from 1 – 120 volts in sizes from T-¾ (Ø max. 2,45 mm) to T-3 ¼ (Ø max. 10 mm) as well as point light lamps and projection lamps in optical quality. Besides we offer suitable sockets and various other accessories. 

The most frequent applications comprise the following fields of technology:

  • Infrared (IR) Technology
  • Electrical / Electronic Industry
  • Aviation / Space
  • Medical
  • Telecommunications
  • Machine Tooling

In addition to the standard catalogue lamps MGG develops and produces projection-, lens-ended, -tube and special lamps according to customers’ needs and specifications. Outstanding characteristics of these high-precision lamps are long life as well as shock and vibration resistance. Many lamps are tested to international norms and standards (EN, MS, NF, BSI, DIN, IEC, ANSI etc.)