In miniatures we are great!

In Kleinlampen sind wir groß!

ESG - Sustainability

MGG Micro-Glühlampen-Gesellschaft Menzel GmbH is part of the Nynomic Group.

Nynomic Group has set itself the goal to continually improve the economical, ecological and social consequences of its business activities. 

The central responsibility for our sustainable activities lies with the company’s management. Well-balanced management of ecological, social and corporate governance aspects strengthens MGG’s market position. 

We act based on the following fundamental principles:

Occupational health and safety of our employees is a top priority in order to avoid injuries and diseases.

We strive for positioning our company as an attractive employer and thereby improve our employee’s commitment and motivation. 

We use resources and energy efficiently and thereby strive for continuous improvements in order to minimize negative impacts on the environment and save costs. 

We use our high innovative strength and passion for technological advancement by developing innovative and safe solutions and products that help us and our customers protect the environment. 

We engage in a constant and trustful dialogue with our partners in order to lay the foundation for long-term and sustainable relationships. Respectful dealings with our diverse stakeholders and the environment are a matter of course for us and also decisive for our economic success. 

Our business management principles are the foundation for and a part of our corporate identity: by observing rules, standards and processes we ensure legally and ethically compliant conduct and create a high level of acceptance in society.